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Refreshing Brand Ideas Brewed Up for Café Pelé

brand refresh

Refreshing brand ideas are not hard to spot when you look to find the problem areas in your business. You might be skipping right over the opportunity to bring refreshing brand ideas that can grow your brand awareness as well as increase profits.

What misaligned perceptions are happening inside your brand that your clients are experiencing? The point of working with a brand specialist is to look at how the customer experiences your brand.

Ultimately, the goal is to see details and uncover problem areas and find the right solution(s) for your company. Businesses need new and refreshing brand ideas all the time to adjust to customer expectations.

What do people think about your brand? Is it what you hoped?

Café Pelé realized they had a customer perception problem that was false causing decreased sales for one area of their business model. Then they looked to their marketing and brand team for answers to this problem.

The problem: customers perceived that the coffee packaged and delivered in stores were not "as fresh" as what was being sold and brewed in the coffee houses. Collaboration and fresh thinking helped them to discover a new solution. They then delivered on the new idea. The new brand idea increased profits to 400% in one day for the coffee company.

The company out to bust this myth set a cleverly brewed plan into action. The collaboration and fresh thinking unveiled a new solution and delivered on the new idea directly to the doorsteps of customers. This new idea increased profits of 400% in one day for the coffee company.

Brand problems are an opportunity for growth.

Are you ready to brew up a new solution in your business? Take a look at this short story that demonstrates how small ideas can have a BIG financial bottom-line impact. I loved watching this brilliant and efficient collaboration come to life. My challenge to you is to find a problem in your business and respond to it with a new idea.

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