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I'm Andrea! Here to help you lean into your edge.

An "unofficial" FAQ and answers to other questions you might have...

What is brand your truth?

Brand Your Truth™ is a movement that helps people lean into their own unique gifts and personal edge. Discover what's possible! When you embrace a new belief that building a stellar brand is a journey.

In this context, when we talk truth we focus on what is true for you? What do you care about and what is driving the brand forward?

Brand Your Truth is your resource for:

How does Brand Your Truth help
me with all of that?

Free resources and tools like:
The 5 Tweaks Plan Your Brand Guide
The Brand Promise Keeper
Brand Bake-off Experience

I help you shift and transform how you see yourself and stop the mental chase.

You know the chase, the one where your mind is constantly making you feel as if you're never going to be good enough, ready, professional enough, smart enough. 

If you learn to connect with your truth and what the heck you really want in your life and business, you will be empowered to make the brand decisions that are right for you. 

Zero recipe, rinse and repeat here. No quizzes, archetypes, labels or other peoples opinions needed to vibrantly Brand Your Truth™.

Articles like these:
What is brand truth?
The fear of launching your business brand

Free Learning Experiences:
Build Your Brand 5 Day Experience

Instagram Videos - IGTV
Comparison vs. Market Research
Launch Fundamentals Build Your Brand Series
Panic or Plan? Which do you choose?

I have created these things to keep your brand relevant and moving forward.

Brand Your Truth Emails
Conversations that share value in may ways and keep us connected to each other and inspire you to stay ON BRAND.

Who is Brand Your Truth?

Brand Your Truth is me, Andrea Robinson. An idea that nods to where a CEO can focus to gain the most transformation and consistency in your business and brand. It's more than a pretty logo, social feed or website. 

What's your purpose or passion?

You need something to push and pull you when things exit the honeymoon phase of building something that is challenging. Like a business...

People need more information than you think when making their decision to buy from you.

  • What's the backstory?
  • Why should they care?
  • How it will help them?

Here's the thing though great brand experiences, great visual identity and great messaging will not make up for a weak product that doesn't deliver on the brand promise.

People buy for two reasons. They buy things to alleviate pain or to add pleasure to their lives.

Why Andrea? Why me?

Pick one:

  • Frustrated figuring out a niche
  • Tired of holding back
  • In need of a safe community
  • You're ready to do the work
  • You're ready to be courageous

Do you still consult and create
corporate brand identity?

Yes! Schedule a hello call here to introduce yourself and discuss your needs inside your business.

Schedule A Call Here [Andrea's Calendar]

How can I work with you?

You've been watching me on all the social channels for months and you might be saying, "I can't figure out how to work with you! Tell me now."

I currently offer these paid resources:

What services do you offer?

Andrea has reserved her time to consult with, mentor, and coach passionate entrepreneurs like you ready to build a modern online brand ready for 2020 and beyond.

The Brand Book + Visual Identity Design option is available on a first come first served basis.

Make Your Reservation

What's included in your Brand Book &
Visual Identity Design Package?

This is a comprehensive professional brand identity package. It is the complete start to finish the brand identity process done with you.

This done for you service does require the chief decision-maker(s) or CEO to be involved in, contribute, and commit to the BYT Process. Investment starts at $6,997

Digital Brochure Full Details [Download]
(no opt-in required)

Do you design websites?

The short answer is - no.

The Brand Your Truth™ Membership Members will have access to trainings related to designing your website in the Brand Vault.

These trainings are about how to implement the decisions outlined in your Brand Book into your website for maximum impact.

I feel like I'm pretty good at branding.
Do I really need you?

My goal here is to work with emerging brands on being more intentional in addition to strategic with their brand process.

The free hello discovery call might be a great place to start! We can meet and chat about your brand and business goals. This is NOT a coaching call. It's a call to get to know you and understand where you need help the most.

I think you're ready to Brand Your Truth! Here's how you and I can meet and become friends.

Schedule A Discovery Call [Andrea's Calendar]


How Andrea transitioned from BEST KEPT SECRET TO
finding her edge or unique factor.

I started my career as a professional graphic designer and illustrator in Lexington, KY in 1998. The first in my immediate family to attend university and the first on my father's side to graduate from college.

I spent time working and exploring other related areas of my industry which lead to a stint at a worldwide leading publisher of educational books, a public relations firm and also Toyota before founding the small boutique firm, AT Design & Illustration LLC.

These various experiences make up the lens with which I view brand building and visual identity. Working for a Japanese company exposed me to valuable philosophies and principals that are highly regarded in the Japanese culture. Lucky for me those lessons are extremely useful in business and my business and clients benefited greatly.

AT Design & Illustration LLC allowed me to enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur such as full control over my schedule. Time freedom is something that we all crave. It became even more valuable because not only did I birth a business that year I also became a new mom. I bet you can relate, type A ambition anyone? anyone? 

It all worked out for the best! Clients became raving fans, awards were won for design and art direction, and Andrea was recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as Kentucky's Entrepreneur of the Year.

So why change?

How I help people has expanded so that I could help more people become entrepreneurs sharing and selling their ideas and inventions. Building a business and brand is an iterative process, but my mission and vision are still the same as way back in 2001.

I help entrepreneurs transform intangible assets — spirit, attitude, personality — into tangible experiences and products that people immediately understand and desire.

I quickly realized that many of the people who were starting to bring their dream to life did not understand the role and function of branding vs. visual design, user experience, customer journey, advertising, and marketing.

New business owners are sold on the idea, “build a website and buyers will come.” Or the modern day version of that has become, "be on all the social media channels and buyers will come."

While it seems like a natural first step to a new business owner, it isn't always the right first step. Building a brand foundation IS essential to not only starting but to grow and scale and the faster option to impact.

I began deep learning about the nuances of brand and marketing and how they work together to build profitable brands. I started to coach new business owners as part of their initial package.

Fast forward, and this is how the Brand Your Truth™ was born!

My gift is helping you discover, perhaps uncover your brand truth, and help guide your business brand positioning toward your goals, profitability, and your definition of success.

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Entrepreneurship is a journey
that you go on and grow on

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Andrea Robinson is a Brand Strategist and Award-winning Art Director with more than 18 years of experience serving small business owners, entrepreneurs and creative departments inside Fortune® brands.

She founded a small graphic design boutique, AT Design & Illustration LLC in 2001. She has worked with numerous clients such as Advance Auto Parts, Rowe Furniture, American Cancer Society,  American Heart Association, Greens Metals Inc., and Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. Her firm has also worked with local businesses such as Sav's Restaurant, Sav's Chill, Savané Silver, Georgetown Flowers & Gifts, Breeding Henderson & Hord, Fowler Bell PLLC, and many others.

Andrea combined her knowledge of marketing, branding, art direction, photography, and visual branding to help small businesses create a clear strategic roadmap and cohesive brand vision so they can elevate their brand and expand their influence.

Tools To Build A Successful Brand

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B R A N D   M I N I

How's your brand doing? Is it working for you? Can you even tell? Andrea will examine clarity of message, audience fit, and more with a review video and digital notes.

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Brand Your Truth™ Membership for entrepreneurs eager to quickly transform their life & brand. You will find your edge or unique factor. You will learn to find and use your courage to use your voice and speak your truth clearly.

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