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Get Over Your Fear of Relaunching Your Business Brand

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Recently, I was chatting with a lady in the DMs on Instagram about her courage to be bold, brave, and create an outstanding brand. I asked her, “what was the moment when you decided to start sharing it (her story) with boldness?”

Use courage when relaunching your business brand.

There are so many fears available to us. Fears that when we let them, they will wrap us tight like a hot air balloon tether. Anchoring our brand to the ground, never to take off.

We are all unique, and each person has a different experience with fear. These experiences with fear influence why we choose to play small and stay hidden are nuanced.

Do you know what her answer was?

Here is what she said, “I discovered it was finally ‘my turn,’ but I had no idea who I was anymore. Once I figured that out, I got busy stepping back into my dreams that had long been abandoned. Only this time, I would be doing it blindly...literally. I had lost my eyesight. I don’t let that stand between me and my goals. I just keep working hard and figuring it out!”

Whoa, what an amazing woman and story!

Here’s the thing friend, you're amazing too!

I am so glad that she recognized that she had abandoned her dreams. But you know what? The next thing that usually happens once you have decided to give some love and attention to yourself and those dreams? You start to worry about what other people will think or what other people are doing.

These two things alone are dream killers. Fear lives inside those two rabbit holes. All of us have dreams that scare us – like relaunching our business brand or an idea we have sat on forever.

The day I met one of my most influential mentors.

He said, “hello, are you scared?” I was like, “um, no, uh, why?” I have thought about that moment far too long. Fear is so sneaky, and people can read it on us and sense it even when we think we are masking it. I believed that I wasn’t scared, but he was right. I just didn’t know what I was scared of until I had a community of trusted people to help reflect this to me.

Start focusing on your idea! You can make the switch.

When we worry about what other people think or their opinions, we're focusing on our ideas and ourselves instead of focusing on the actions we are taking or getting ready to take to help.

Every time you become worried about relaunching your business brand, you are focusing more on the problem (the worry) rather than the outcome (the results).

Make the mental switch tell yourself, "oh no! I'm doing it again" and move your focus. This will create a slow steady change of your habit to focus on the wrong thing. Teach yourself to focus on outcomes and results over problems and with time business will start to feel lighter.

Focus on serving and helping others.

When you focus on the OUTCOME, focus on serving and helping others, the fear of what other people think or say diminishes.

Why? The results people are getting become the focus extinguishing the fire of fear. You will focus more on who you want to be, what you want to accomplish by showing up helping more people, and how you want to feel relaunching your business brand.

This clarity unties the rope of fear that is anchoring you to the ground. When you focus on the outcomes people experience with your brand, you will begin to glide into your zone of purpose.

You are not alone, I go through these fears every day.

But if you know where you want to go and how you want to make a change and impact the world, opinions from people no longer matter.

I know my purpose is to help you stop feeling broken, to empower you to see the possibilities around you, and to believe and stand in your truth.

I know I am willing to move past the fear to make that happen.

When you're feeling afraid to fail or afraid to relaunch your business brand, REMEMBER to focus on your OUTCOME. Lazer in on the result you desire, and it will lead you to the next step and the next step.


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