Get Over Your Fear of Relaunching Your Business Brand

Recently, I was chatting with a lady in the DMs on Instagram about her courage to be bold, brave, and create an outstanding brand. I asked her, “what was the moment when you decided to start sharing it (her story) with boldness?”

Use courage when relaunching your business brand.

There are so many fears available to us. Fears that when we let them, they will wrap us tight like a hot air balloon tether. Anchoring our brand to the ground, never to take off.

We are all...

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What You Do vs. What Others Think You Do

The challenge here is to listen to how others talk about your business brand.

What do other people or clients think you do? What are their words? Do you put words into their mouth? When you start to build a business we all think we know but we don't so we assume what words other people use. We also assume the actual language and specific words and phrases that they use.

Sharpening your investigative skills, studying other people and human behavior is key. You will need to know and learn about...

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