What is brand truth?


You pick brand colors, chose your words wisely, define your big dream vision, set brand growth goals, figure out whom you're even talking too and then what?

Let's chat quickly about a question I get, and that is what does it mean to brand truth?

It seems like an ethereal way to talk about branding your business or building a personal brand. Right?

The critical thing to know is that we humans are the driving force of life and every component thereof. Behind every brand...

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Get Over Your Fear of Relaunching Your Business Brand

Recently, I was chatting with a lady in the DMs on Instagram about her courage to be bold, brave, and create an outstanding brand. I asked her, “what was the moment when you decided to start sharing it (her story) with boldness?”

Use courage when relaunching your business brand.

There are so many fears available to us. Fears that when we let them, they will wrap us tight like a hot air balloon tether. Anchoring our brand to the ground, never to take off.

We are all...

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Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

Do you find yourself second-guessing your decision to build a personal brand?

Many emerging personal brands wrestle with their value and influence. Specifically, they worry about the influence of their personal brand and what that has on the businesses they are building and planning to sell.

You are not alone.

Do you get confused asking yourself a million different questions?

Am I the brand?

Is the total brand value directly tied to me?

Will my business be sellable if my personal brand image...

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Brand Challenge: Why Fake It Until You Make It Might Hurt You

It is very difficult for a personal brand to be true to oneself and true to others while projecting a fake or false a version of your business or of yourself. Sometimes the fake it until you make it mindset might be doing you more harm than good. This is the problem I have with the “fake it until you make it” advice that regularly gets distributed to those endeavoring on the entrepreneurial journey.

In some instances, that mindset can work, for a while. It can work in...

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