Brand Challenge: Evaluate and Iterate

Brand Challenge: Evaluate and Iterate

Not everyone is visionary or can think in a big way or vision the future of their business. Sometimes you will hear this called the 10,000-foot view or I like to call it the “big picture”.

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain looking down onto the widest view of all the moving parts of your brand - taking in the whole entire view. Don't look for the details look for the sum of the whole - the broad landscape.

When you get out the...

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SOS! I started a business I need help with my brand

SOS! I started a business I need help with my brand.

Help! I need help with my brand because it's difficult getting, finding or taking care of my customers and fans.

Someone once said that being an entrepreneur provides you with the biggest personal growth opportunity of your life. I find this to be true for myself and everyone who is willing to start a business.

If you start you have already entered the land of unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Can you get good at that being a commonplace you...

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What You Do vs. What Others Think You Do

The challenge here is to listen to how others talk about your business brand.

What do other people or clients think you do? What are their words? Do you put words into their mouth? When you start to build a business we all think we know but we don't so we assume what words other people use. We also assume the actual language and specific words and phrases that they use.

Sharpening your investigative skills, studying other people and human behavior is key. You will need to know and learn about...

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