What is brand truth?


You pick brand colors, chose your words wisely, define your big dream vision, set brand growth goals, figure out whom you're even talking too and then what?

Let's chat quickly about a question I get, and that is what does it mean to brand truth?

It seems like an ethereal way to talk about branding your business or building a personal brand. Right?

The critical thing to know is that we humans are the driving force of life and every component thereof. Behind every brand...

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Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

Do you find yourself second-guessing your decision to build a personal brand?

Many emerging personal brands wrestle with their value and influence. Specifically, they worry about the influence of their personal brand and what that has on the businesses they are building and planning to sell.

You are not alone.

Do you get confused asking yourself a million different questions?

Am I the brand?

Is the total brand value directly tied to me?

Will my business be sellable if my personal brand image...

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Binge Branding - Do you do this?

A modern business trend is on the rise - binge branding.

What do you mean by binge branding, Andrea? I'm so glad you asked. I have been a brand strategist and designer for almost two decades and I believe the core function of a visual designer is to solve specific problems. Design can solve critical business problems, but to solve visual design problems, you must have a brand strategy in place - a bigger vision or goal.

binge branding in business

What is the true role of design and communication?

I believe that design...

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Branding A Walk in Your Customer's Shoes

Humans are very interesting to me. When you think about what motivates people to choose and do the things they do. Branding a walk in your customer's shoes is an important way to look at customer behavior to inform the strategy you selected.

Customer data affects how you communicate with your audience.

Have you studied your customers to the point of knowing exactly what they want - before they do? You probably already know what TO DO to learn more about your customers but are you taking...

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Brand Challenge: Who Are You Inviting In?

What type of people do you want to attract?

The brand challenge is who are you inviting into your business? Who do you want to show up at your business front door? Insights about these guests can help you craft a better business, better branding, clarity of your brand messages, better processes when you take the time to apply your insights to your strategy.

You can learn how to take better care of them (customer service). You can learn what they're struggling with so that you...

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Brand Challenge: Evaluate and Iterate

Brand Challenge: Evaluate and Iterate

Not everyone is visionary or can think in a big way or vision the future of their business. Sometimes you will hear this called the 10,000-foot view or I like to call it the “big picture”.

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain looking down onto the widest view of all the moving parts of your brand - taking in the whole entire view. Don't look for the details look for the sum of the whole - the broad landscape.

When you get out the...

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