Hello! I'm Andrea Robinson, brand strategist and entrepreneur enthusiast from Lexington, Kentucky.

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My heart has a big ole' spot reserved for people trying to start, grow, and scale a business.

My focus is on helping you transition into the role of and becoming the CEO of your business.

I help you better understand where you are and where you are going with your brand.

I do this by helping you learn how to review your brand and how to choose the right brand activities that help you reach your milestone goals.

I challenge you to pick strategies that will help you absolutely enjoy and love the business you are building. I stretch you to get comfortable and unapologetically confident when putting yourself out into the big scary business world.

HINT, it's really not that scary when you show up to serve and help others.

I started my first business AT Design & Illustration LLC in 2001. It was my mission to transform intangible assets spirit, attitude, personalityinto tangible projects and objects that people immediately understood.

I successfully quietly helped other businesses grow for years. I won both entrepreneurial and design awards along the way. All of those "wins" don't matter to me unless I am helping you win in your business!

I inadvertently became a "best-kept secret."

I put my 10,000 hours working and learning in the trenches of both small and corporate businesses. Because of this work, I am confident that I can help you to avoid becoming a best-kept secret and step into the CEO role you desire.

Maybe you too have been working behind the scenes many hours to bring your dream to life. I can almost guarantee that you have never thought about brand and brand activity the way I teach it. 

Business branding is a journey you go on and grow on.

When we start, we often focus on the outward visual projects FIRST. The truth is those outward appearances are not the best the first step. We do this because we are afraid of what other people think of us.

We are scared of being judged.

You can build a big beautiful brand image but if there is no connection or substance behind your voice, your offers, and your products. Your message will fall on deaf ears leaving you only to hear crickets.

Leaving you scratching your head as to why branding is not working.

It's my goal to help you get what you want faster; the best clients who are ready to pay.

Let's get started, shall we?

Help me review my brand.


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